Defend the Truth

A Conversation on the Ninth Commandment

by Pierre Viret
with a sermon by John Calvin

translated by R. A. Sheats

6x9 Softcover, 114 pages

ISBN: 978-1-938822-61-2

Retail: $13.95




“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

Whether committed by words, actions, or thoughts, the act of bearing false witness is a dangerous plague infecting churches, families, and nations.

What is truth? How is it defended or violated? Is lying ever lawful, and can the truth be withheld from tyrants and wicked men? Can judges be guilty of bearing false witness? What do the Scriptures mean when they demand an eye for an eye?

To answer these and many more questions, Defend the Truth brings together the writings of Swiss Reformer Pierre Viret and his contemporary John Calvin as they discuss the meaning and applicability of the ninth commandment. With penetrating insight and refreshing Biblical application, these two Reformers discuss the wide scope of this commandment of the Law, covering topics including truth, falsehood, deception, slander, perjury, true justice, and more.




the Angel of the Reformation


the Forgotten Giant
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The Christian
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Thou Shalt
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