Thou Shalt Not Steal

A call for honest dealings in business, civil, and personal relationships

by Pierre Viret

translated by R. A. Sheats

6x9 Softcover, 126 pages

ISBN: 978-1-938822-59-9

Retail price: $13.95



What do the Scriptures say about welfare? Is Communism Biblical? Are there moral standards that should govern the legal profession? What is sound money, and does it really matter?

What is stealing, and how many forms can it take? Within Thou Shalt Not Steal, Pierre Viret answers these and other questions concerning the meaning and abiding applicability of the eighth commandment. Topics such as theft, usury, unjust loans, lawsuits, embezzlement of church funds, beggary, and more are addressed in this insightful commentary.

Though written in the 1500's, the topics covered in Viret's work are as applicable to the church today as they were the day they were written.


Keeping the Eighth Commandment

Thefts, Thieves, and Stealing

Christian Communion versus Communism

Laziness, Labor, and Begging

Various Types of Theft

The Stealing of Persons

Thefts of Food, Money, and the Word of God

Robbers and Robbery

Usury, Loans, and the Law of Love

A Closer Look at Usury

Lawsuits and Lawyers

Gambling and Illegitimate Occupations

Robbing the Poor by Unjust Charity

Thefts Committed in the Ministry of the Church

Magistrates, Armies, and Theft

Thefts Committed by Wives, Children, and Employees

Civil Punishments for Theft


the Angel of the Reformation


the Forgotten Giant
of the Reformation


The Christian
and the


Thou Shalt
Not Kill
A Plea for Life