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When studying history, it is essential that the reader employ original documents in order to ensure the accuracy of the history studied. The reading of these documents is truly foundational for any study of history, but it is not enough. When looking to history, we must not only answer the question “What should I read,” but must also be prepared when confronted with the query “Why should I read it?”

Why do we read history? Why does it matter what Patrick Henry thought, or what John Adams wrote, or what George Washington did? What is the purpose and meaning of history, and why should we care?

The purpose of history is to know God and to know how He interacts with His creation. History is the object lesson that drives home the fundamental truths of Scripture and causes us to know more and more the character of our God and the unchangeableness of His nature and faithfulness.  In short, we study history to study God.

To understand God better by learning more of Him through the lens of history is the purpose of this Study Guide. Incorporating insightful questions, highlighting key people and events, and delving into the purposes and Biblical foundations of the words and actions of America’s founding fathers, Driven to Resistance Study Guide is an excellent tool to be used alongside the study of the original documents of the Revolutionary era.


Driven to Resistance Study Guide is suitable for use as a family or individually. Each chapter offers five sections:

Study Questions — These questions are designed to be answered orally or written. Space has been provided for students to write answers directly in the study guide.

Essay Questions/Topics for Discussion— Essay Questions are suitable for being used as either group discussions or as an essay assignment. Emphasis should always be placed on the centrality of the Word of God to all of thought and history; answers should not spring from an “I think/feel . . . ” mindset, but should instead be founded upon the unchanging truth of Scripture applied to particular circumstances.

Vocabulary — Vocabulary words footnoted in the text of Driven to Resistance have been included in the study guide, and may be used alone as a vocabulary curriculum, or may merely be employed as a review of the new words acquired in the reading of Driven to Resistance. Concise definitions have been supplied; if further definitions are desired, recourse may be had to period dictionaries such as Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language.
Immediately following each word and definition, space has been provided for students to use new vocabulary in a sentence of their own construction.

Memorize — A select few dates worthy of note have been included for memorization. The date, as well as a brief summary of what happened upon that day, is here laid down. A simple rhyme is also given as an aid to memorization and retention of dates.

Further Reading — For each chapter of Driven to Resistance a further reading selection has been provided, composed of original documents from the time in question, as well as a few choice secondary sources. Primary source materials are all available for reading or download free of charge.



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