Driven to Resistance
Volume Two

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200 pages, 244 illustrations

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A History of the Revolutionary War,
as told by those who lived it

Compiled by R. A. Sheats

First American blood has been shed, and the thirteen British Colonies of America now find themselves in the throes of a civil war with Britain. Have they the strength or means to withstand the onslaught of the world-renowned British army long enough to obtain what they desire—a reconciliation? Is reconciliation even an option for the country now termed rebellious? Follow the letters and writings of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and their contemporaries as they seek answers to these questions while living out the arduous and often fearful days of 1775-1776.

Driven to Resistance recounts the history of the Revolutionary War by the republication of the original writings of the time.  Chronologically ordered and copiously illustrated, Driven to Resistance offers the modern reader an easy and understandable access to the documents and diaries of our eighteenth-century forefathers.  From the writings of Washington to the debates of Parliament the reader is presented with primary-source documents rendered easily-accessible and understandable to the contemporary reader: Though each account appears in its original form (thus insuring the accuracy of the excerpts), spelling and capitalization have been updated to assist the modern reader, and all archaic words and expressions have been footnoted, thus facilitating comprehension and the reading process.

“I wish to enter my protest, once for all,
that I shall always think that our American fellow-subjects
have been
driven to resistance in their own defense.”

— Statement of Mr. D. Hartley, member of Parliament, February 19th, 1776




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