Daybreak in Alaska

Sheldon Jackson and the Gospel's Entrance into the Wild West and Alaska

by R. A. Sheats

Paperback, 118 pages, illustrated

ISBN 978-1-938822-54-4

Retail price: $13.95


From the rolling tumbleweeds of New Mexico to the snow-covered heights of Alaska, join missionary Sheldon Jackson as he chronicles the spread of the Gospel throughout the wilds of the western territories of the United States in the 1800’s. Indian attacks, Alaskan cannibals, snowstorms, and more attempt to thwart the Gospel’s advance, but in the providence of God His Word continues to permeate the vast regions of land soon to become the western states of America.

This stirring tale of the Gospel’s first entrance into Alaska is sure to enthrall readers and inspire the next generation to trust in the power of Christ, which holds sway over the kingdoms of this world.

“Sheldon Jackson [was] one who brought to his gigantic task an apostolic fervor which never permitted difficulties to dampen his ardor or diminish his determination.”

-- Ernest Gruening, Governor of Alaska 1939-1953



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