Driven to Resistance
Volume Three

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A History of the Revolutionary War, as told by those who lived it

Compiled by R. A. Sheats

What event did Washington view as the single greatest act of Providence in the entire War for American Independence?

After what American victory did the patriots give each of their 800 British prisoners a rifle to carry while being escorted to their place of captivity?

What British officer attempted to drive Daniel Boone from Kentucky, and why?

Find the answers to these and countless other questions while watching the pages of history spring to life in the final volume of Driven to Resistance, a first-hand account of the American War for Independence.

Driven to Resistance recounts the history of the Revolutionary War by the republication of the original writings of the time, offering the modern reader an easy and understandable access to the letters, papers, and diaries of our eighteenth-century forefathers.  From the writings of Washington to the debates of Parliament the reader is presented with primary-source documents rendered easily-accessible and understandable to the contemporary reader: spelling and capitalization have been updated, and all archaic words and expressions have been footnoted, thus facilitating comprehension and the reading process.

“We cannot look upon our fellow-subjects in America
in any other light than that of freemen
driven to resistance by acts of oppression and violence.”

— Statement of the minority in Parliament, October 26th, 1775




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Driven to Resistance



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