They That Wait Upon the LORD

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’Tis the dawn of the sixteenth century. The land of Europe is enshrouded in the darkness of Catholic traditions and papal supremacy. From Germany to France, from Switzerland to England, the world sleeps in a stupor of religious superstition and ignorance.

But God is at work, and soon begins to rouse the slumbering lands. Before long a mighty stir is birthed in the Church as Christ draws men from the folds of Catholicism to embrace the glorious Gospel of the Scriptures. As this truth of the Word of God spreads, reformation begins, and soon—throughout country after country—men are preaching a return to the Scriptures.  

The established Roman Catholic Church, looking upon this ‘new’ teaching as heresy, desperately seeks to eliminate the men who preach it, and begins persecuting the Reformers throughout France, Germany, and elsewhere.

Undaunted by the harsh persecution and probable martyrdoms that await them, the Protestant preachers continue fearlessly onward in their attempt to call an ignorant populace back to the truth of the Word of God. This was the birth of the Reformation of the sixteenth century.

In this four-volume set, join Martin Luther, William Farel, John Calvin, and Pierre Viret as they struggle valiantly against all opposition to call their countries and generations to return to the God who created them. Reformation Rhymes brings the fascinating history of these men to life in vivid rhyme. Illustrated with period drawings and woodcuts, each volume tells a tale of life amidst the civil and religious upheaval of the sixteenth century. Learn of the battles against emperors, mobs, soldiers, ambushes, poison, and more, which faced these heroic Reformers as they strove mightily to proclaim the truth of Scripture, undaunted by every weapon formed against them. These were the men who turned the world upside down.



Letters of Comfort
to the
Persecuted Church


God Meant it Unto Good

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The Christian
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the Angel of the Reformation