Cast Thy Bread Upon the Waters

A History of Jamestown in Rhyme

R. A. Sheats

Spiralbound book, 220 pages

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Cast Thy Bread Upon the Waters retells the early stages of Jamestown’s fascinating and oft-overlooked history through the delightful medium of rhyme.  Written as a read-aloud for families, Cast Thy Bread is also suited for individual reading and study.

In writing Cast Thy Bread, the author has striven to offer the reader a truly historically accurate account of the events covered in this volume. Unfortunately, however, first-hand accounts are often exceedingly laconic in their inclusion of details. For this reason a certain amount of poetic license has been resorted to in depicting certain scenes of history. In order to ensure that the reader encounters no difficulty discerning between concrete history and the author’s interpretation thereof, immediately following each chapter the text of each first-hand account from which the rhyme was taken is included as endnotes. The reader may therefore peruse the actual wording of each primary author to ensure a clear understanding of each historical account.

While penning each chapter, it has been the author’s endeavor to draw the reader’s attention to the special providences of God evidenced throughout Jamestown’s history, as well as focusing on particular aspects of God’s character and the practical applications to be drawn from historical narratives. This is, indeed, the reason we read history. History is the object lesson that drives home the fundamental truths of Scripture and causes us to know more and more the character of our God and the unchangeableness of His nature and faithfulness.  Just as Joshua declared, we study history in order that “all the people of the earth might know the hand of the LORD, that it is mighty: that ye might fear the LORD your God for ever” (Joshua 4:24).




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