Simple Exposition of the Christian Faith

by Pierre Viret

Translated by R. A. Sheats

Hardcover, 236 pages

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Pierre Viret's Simple Exposition is an English translation of his classic French work.  Written as a conversation between two individuals, Matthew and Peter, this flowing dialogue is an easy-to-read, informal means of studying the basic truths of Christianity, written by the literary master Pierre Viret.

    Viret's popular style of giving understanding to deep theological truths makes this book beneficial to both the young convert and the serious scholar.  Viret's writings, proceeding from the pen of a truly wise and Biblically sound man, display great depth and understanding in their treatment of theological subjects. 

For the first time in five hundred years, this theological masterpiece of Pierre Viret's is now available to the English-speaking world.




Thou Shalt
Not Kill
A Plea for Life



Letters of Comfort
to the
Persecuted Church


The Christian
and the


The Catechism
of Pierre Viret