Biblical Hebrew for Children Level Four
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Covers Level Four of Biblical Hebrew for Children


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Biblical Hebrew for Children Teacher’s Guide is designed to be a quick-reference guide to what Biblical Hebrew for Children teaches.  It details the words and grammatical concepts taught in each book of Level Three of the Biblical Hebrew curriculum.  The Teacher’s Guide is written for parents who have no prior knowledge of Hebrew, and includes the following information:

Hebrew Reader Overview

All concepts learned in each Hebrew reader are listed, and extra information and clarification for parent’s better understanding of concepts presented are added.

Potential problem points

Included with each reader description are Potential Problem Points in order to assist parents in identifying probable difficulties which may be encountered during the language acquisition.

Further Notes

Further Notes are added at the end of each Reader Overview to aid parents in understanding how to better teach children concepts presented and reinforce material already learned.


Tests for each Hebrew reader are included to assess child’s mastery of concepts. Permission is granted for parents to make copies of tests for children living within the same household.

Hebrew at a Glance

Appendix Two of the Teacher’s Guide offers Hebrew at a Glance, a quick-reference guide to every concept introduced in Biblical Hebrew for Children, organized by Level and Reader. When studying readers with children, parents find it helpful to keep Teacher’s Guide open to this appendix in case a question arises or a concept is forgotten. Pronunciation guides for every Hebrew word introduced are also included.




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